An 18th Century Tea Caddy

Abraham Portal

An Exceptional George II Epergne Centrepiece

John Edwards II

A Fine Pair of Waiters

John Tuite

The Ashton Court Salver

James Shruder

A Splendid Set of Four Corinthian Column Candlesticks

Edward Wakelin

A Royal Sideboard Dish

John Edwards II

An Exquisite Rococo Sauceboat

Frederick Kandler

A Set of Four Spool Salt Cellars

Paul de Lamerie

An Elegant Punch Bowl

Peter Archambo

A Fine Kettle on Stand

John White

The Bolingbroke Punch Bowl

Edward Feline

An Important Rococo Soup Tureen

Frederick Kandler

A Rococo Masterpiece - Soup Tureen

Christian Hillan

The Duke of Montrose’s Salvers

Paul de Lamerie

A Refined Pair of Candlesticks

John Hugh Le Sage

The Sneyd Tureen

Paul de Lamerie

A Fine Chocolate Pot

Fuller White

An Exceptionally Rare Pair of Rococo Candelabra

Benjamin Godfrey

An Important Salver

Simon Pantin

A Set of Four Rope Handle Wine Coolers

Thomas Heming

A Plain Bodied Coffee Pot

Benjamin Godfrey