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koopman rare art

Charles Reily & George Storer A pair of silver-mounted Ascos Jugs

Silver & Frosted Glass
London 1863 & London 1907
One hallmarked for London 1907 by Peter Deere

Height: 13.5cm, 5.3in.

Additional Images Silversmith Biography

Charles Reily: Son of John Reily. No record of apprenticeship or freedom. First mark entered as smallworker, in partnership with his mother Mary Reily, 31 May 1826. Address: 6 Carey Lane. Second mark as plateworker, in partnership with George Storer, 1 January 1829, same address. Moved to 3 Lovel's Court, Paternoster Row, 26 June 1835, and back to 6 Carey Lane, 16 February 1836. Third mark (two sizes), 18 June 1840. Their later marks are found principally on fine-quality snuffboxes and other small pieces.

A pair of silver-mounted Ascos Jugs Reference: 17382_20874