Francis Butty

A Swirling Fluted Jug

Francis Butty

A Swirling Fluted Jug

George III
London, 1757
Maker’s mark of Lewis Herne & Francis Butty

Height: 25.5 cm, 10 in.


The body decorated with swirling fluting tapering to bat wing edges. The lid topped with writhian finial and decorated with swirling fluting. A double scroll fruitwood handle, the ends mounted with holly leaf collars.

No record of apprenticeship or freedom. First mark entered as largeworker in partnership with Lewis Herne, 13 July 1757. Address: Clerkenwell Close. Herne absconded from that address, 1765. Second mark, in partnership with Nicholas Dumee, presumably entered sometime after 1758 in the missing register. They appear as goldsmiths in the Parl. Report list 1773, at the same address, where Heal records them until 1776. The Gentleman's Magazine records their bankruptcy, March 1773. Dumee entered a mark in partnership with William Holmes, September 1773, presumably because of the bankruptcy. Butty is listed as Huguenot by Evans.

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