The Duke of Norfolk Toilet Service

The Duke of Norfolk Toilet Service

Queen Anne
London, 1708
Maker’s mark of Benjamin Pyne

Weight (gross): 16,080.5 g, 517 oz

A toilet service, each with moulded borders, the majority engraved with a coat-of-arms or crest (the arms are those of the Dukes of Norfolk), comprising:
Two oblong caskets, each on four pierced bracket feet (10 inches; 25.5 em long)
A similar oblong casket, the cover inset with a pin-cushion (7 Y:z inches; 19 em long)
A pair of circular boxes and covers (5 inches; 12.7 em diameter)
A pair of smaller circular boxes and covers (3 Y:z inches; 9 em diameter)
A pair of oval bowls and covers, each with cut card decoration and ring handle (6 Y:z inches;
16.5 em long)
A pair of small cups and covers, each with scroll handle and baluster finial (4 inches; 10 em
A pair of small tazze (4 % inches; 12 em diameter)
A pair of vases and covers, each with baluster finial (3 Y:z inches; 9 em high)
A pair of octagonal candlesticks (7 inches; 18 em high)
A pair of chamber candlesticks, each with pear shaped handle
A helmet-shaped ewer and basin, the ewer with a scroll handle - the ewer 9 Y:z inches (24 em)
high; the basin 9 inches (22.8 em) diameter
A mirror with arched top and scroll cresting surmounted by a Ducal coronet (31 inches; 78.5
cm high)
An oval snuffer tray and a pair of snuffers, the later by Joseph Bird, 1708, and a pair of square
glass bottles and stands with detachable cylindrical covers; a pair of oval hair brushes; a pair
of whisks; a table bell; a pear-shaped bell pull and two extinguishers


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Rundell Bridge & Rundell (The case label bears this name)
The Earls of Lonsdale, sol Christie’s 20th February 1947, 163

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