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Anthony Nelme An Elegant Chinoiserie Mirror

William & Mary
London, 1690
Maker’s mark of Anthony Nelme

Height: 51 cm, 20 in. 
Width: 35 cm, 13 3/4 in. 


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Anthony Nelme, son of John Nelme, a yeoman of Muchmerkle, Herefordshire, was recorded as an apprentice to Richard Rowley in 1672 and was then made over to Isaac Deighton. Once he was free of the Goldsmiths' Company in 1690, Nelme was elected to the court of assistants in 1703 and was made fourth warden in 1717 and then second warden in 1722. During the period of Huguenot prominence Nelme was the leading English-born goldsmiths and was a signatory to the petitions to the Goldsmith Company wardens protesting the presence of the "necessitous strangers" in London. Queen Anne and the leading members of the aristocracy were some of Nelme's patrons. Among most of his important surviving works are a pair of forty-inch alter candlesticks of 1694 at Saint George's Chapel, Windsor (Honour 1971, p. 122), and a pair of pilgrim bottles of 1715 at Chatsworth (Honour 1971, p. 125).


The rectangular glass with bevelled edge frame flat chased with fruiting foliage and ho-ho birds, applied floral and foliate corners, the detachable surmount with scroll moulded border and flat chased scene with native figures, a viaduct and building, exotic birds and foliage, easel shaped mahogany strut and back panel

An Elegant Chinoiserie Mirror Reference: 18775.2