A George IV Silver Gilt and Micromosaic Box

A George IV Silver Gilt and Micromosaic Box

London, 1820
Maker’s mark of Charles Rawlings
The mosaic Rome circa, 1810
Length: 7.5 in, 19.1 cm

The composition is based upon a painting by Johann Wenzel Peter. The artist mentions it in a letter to the mosaicist Giacomo Raffaelli, indicating that he had prepared reduced versions of it and other paintings for the use of mosaicists. Peter wished to know if Raffaelli was interested in the designs and also expressed concerns about exclusivity: "I decided to keep them secret in order to prevent them falling into the hands of other mosaicists. You well know how much nuisance and prejudice has been caused by other people's copies, not only for financial reasons but also as a matter of honour". Whether Raffaelli took up the offer is not known; however, the composition proved to be popular and was copied by several mosaicists, including Antonio Aguatti and Tomaso Calandrelli.


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