Robert Garrard II

( 1793 - 1881 )

The Ramsbottom Salvers

Robert Garrard II

( 1793 - 1881 )

The Ramsbottom Salvers

An Exceptionally Large Pair of George IV Salvers
By Robert Garrard II
London, 1827
Also stamped with the retailers mark of ‘Garrard’s, Panton Street, London’

Diameter:  55cm, 21.6 in
Weight: 8,023.8 g, 258 oz

Bearing the coats-of-arms for the Ramsbottom family

The salvers of shaped-circular form with reeded scroll, shells and further embellished with beaded ribbons to the borders. The centre of the salvers with armorial engraving for the Ramsbottom family. Both salvers resting on four scroll feet.

These are the arms of John RAMSBOTTOM (1778-1845) of Clewer Lodge and Woodside, Windsor, Berkshire, and his wife Sophia Augusta PRYOR (1776-1804) daughter of Colonel John PRYOR of Portland Place, Middlesex. The family motto as seen on the armorial crest was 'FIDE ET VIRTUTE', meaning 'Faith and Courage'.

John RAMSBOTTOM (1778-1845) was from 1810-1845 the Whig MP for New Windsor. He was the eldest son of John RAMSBOTTOM (1750-1820) a brewer and banker of Windsor by Molly (1753-1828) and in 1799 married Sophia Augusta PRYOR. He was educated at Eton.


Robert Garrard II was apprenticed in 1809 to his father, Robert Garrard I, a partner of Wakelin and Company, and gained his freedom of the Grocers' Company by patrimony in 1816. After the death of his father in 1818, Garrard entered his mark and, with his brothers James and Sebastian, took over the management of the workshop. During the early nineteenth century, the firm's business expanded at a tremendous rate, especially after the decline of Rundell, Bridge and Rundell in the 1820s. In 1830, the Garrard’s were appointed goldsmiths and jewellers to the king and in 1843 official crown jewellers. A large design studio was set up by them, which was modelled on that developed by Rundell, Bridge and Rundell and employed several well-known painters and sculptors, including Edmund Cotterill. During the mid-nineteenth century, Garrard's was one of the leading producers of elaborate presentation silver.

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