A Pair of Neo-Classical Sauce Tureens

Matthew Boulton & John Fothergill

A Near Pair of ‘Rococo’ Soup Tureens

John Houle

An Important Rococo Soup Tureen

Frederick Kandler

A Rococo Masterpiece - Soup Tureen

Christian Hillan

A Pair of Rectangular Foliate Sauce Tureens

William Burwash

A Gadrooned Rim Soup Tureen

Sebastian & James Crespel

A Round Soup Tureen

Robert Garrard II

The Sneyd Tureen

Paul de Lamerie

An Elegant Soup Tureen

Paul Storr

A Paul Storr Soup Tureen & Cover

Paul Storr

An English Soup Tureen, Cover and Stand of American Interest

Paul Storr

The Earl Camden Soup Tureen

Paul Storr

An Outstanding Paul Storr Soup Tureen

Paul Storr

A Set of Four Fine Sauce Tureens

Joseph Craddock & William Ker Reid