The Talbot Candelabra Suite

Paul Storr

An Exceptionally Rare Candelabra Suite in the Egyptian Style

John Schofield

A Victorian Pair of Candelabra

Robert Garrard II

A Pair of Ornate Candlesticks

William Bateman

A Pair of Extraordinarily Sized Candlesticks

Edward Gibson

A Set of Four Candlesticks

John Schofield

A Splendid Set of Four Corinthian Column Candlesticks

Edward Wakelin

An Important Set of Four Silver-Gilt Royal Candlesticks

Paul Storr

A Superb Pair of Candlesticks

William Cattell

A Rare Set of Six Chambersticks

Robert Hennell III

A Pair of Understated Taper Sticks

William Gould

A Pair of Octagonal Base Candlesticks

Joseph Bird

A Pair of Figural Candlesticks

John Samuel Hunt

A Refined Pair of Candlesticks

John Hugh Le Sage

A Pair of Octagonal Candlesticks

Thomas Merry

A Pair of Britannia Standard Candlesticks

Matthew Cooper I

An Exceptionally Rare Pair of Rococo Candelabra

Benjamin Godfrey