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John Robins A Rare George III Nine Basket Silver Epergne Centrepiece

Silver                                                                                                                                                                      London, 1796
Maker’s mark of John Robins

Height: 46.4cm, 8.25in         
Weight: 4,705g, 151oz                                                                                                                                          



Christie's, London, 24 April 1968, lot 84
with S.J. Shrubsole 

Silversmith Biography

Son of John Robins of Brewton (Bruton) in the County of Somerset mason, apprenticed to Richard Wade 3 October 1764 on payment of £20 and turned over 27 January 1766 to David Whyte Citizen and Goldsmith consideration being paid over to him. Free, 6 November 1771. First mak entered as plateworker, 20 October 1774. Address: 5 St John Street. Moved to 67 Aldergate Street, 18 July 1781. Livery, March 1781. Second mark (two sizes), 7 August 1787. Moved to 13 Clerkenwell Green, 5 February 1749. Heal records him as if two seperate identities, one as plateworker, St. John's Street, 1774-1800, and Clerkenwell Green, 1795; the other as goldsmith, Aldersgate Street. Died 2 September 1831.


Bearing the crest of Hope anciently attire resting her dexter hand on an anchor and holding in the sinister a savages head. Probably for Eglington, Earl of Montgomerie, Eglington Castle, Irvine
The frame on four tapering and reeded feet, with a cast oak leaf apron, supporting a central frame with laurel garland and fluted central basket, with four leaf-capped scroll arms, each supporting a conforming oval basket, the frame with four additional detachable baskets, each basket engraved with a crest, fully marked

A Rare George III Nine Basket Silver Epergne Centrepiece Reference: DT20.50.16