Bautte & Moynier

A gold and enamel snuff box

Bautte & Moynier

A gold and enamel snuff box

Geneva, 1821-1831

Of rounded rectangular form, finely decorated in Persian taste with colourful flowers in painted and basse-taille enamels within scrolling foliage on a polished gold ground, the rim inscribed in gothic script Bautte & Moynier.

For a gold and enamel snuff box with the same signature, decorated with similar flowers in translucent and painted enamels, but in relief on a matted ground, see ed. Haydn Williams, Enamels of the World - The Khalili Collections,London, 2009, no. 223.

The firm of Maulinie, Bautte and Moynier came into existence in Geneva when Jean Francois Bautte entered into partnership with Jacques-Dauphin Moulinie in 1793. Jean-Gabriel Moynier joined the partnership in 1804 but the name of the firm did not change until 1808. The partnership continued until 1821, when the firm became known as Bautte et Moynier. From 1831 it traded under the name of Bautte et Cie. Outside Geneva they had branches in Florence and Paris.

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