A Victorian Three-Graces Cup with Military Trophies

John Samuel Hunt

A Victorian Stirrup Cup Modelled as a Retriever

Aldwinckle & Slater

A Monumental Victorian Race Trophy

The Companion Centrepiece

Sebastian & Robert Garrard

A Victorian Pair of Candelabra

Robert Garrard II

A Pair of 19th Century Sculptural Wine Ewers

Hunt & Roskell

Set of Four Figural Salts

Edward Barnard

A Fine Ascos Jug

William Elliott

An Irish Wolf Hound Stirrup Cup

James Barclay Hennell

A Coburg Pattern Flatware Service

George Adams

A Pair of Cut-Glass-Mounted Spirit Decanters

Horace Woodward & Co Ltd

A 'Indian Squaw' Figural Salt Cellar

Sebastian & Robert Garrard

A High-Relief Parcel-Gilt Tazza

Elkington & Co

A Near Pair of ‘Rococo’ Soup Tureens

John Houle

A Silver, Enamel, & Hardstone Cup & Cover

Elkington & Co

A Silver-Gilt Mounted Claret Jug

Charles Fox

A Monumental Basket Centrepiece

Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd

An Ashburnham Pattern Five piece Tea & Coffee Service

John Samuel Hunt

A Silver Portland Vase

John Samuel Hunt

A Rare Set of Six Chambersticks

Robert Hennell III

An Exceptional Pair of Ornate Wine Coasters

Robert Garrard II

A Pair of Rococo Four-Light Candelabra

Robert Garrard II

An Unusual Hexagonal Coin Tray

Mackay & Chisholm

A Pair of Figural Candlesticks

John Samuel Hunt

An Impressively Ornate Tray

Stephen Smith

A Pierced-Border Double Decanter Trolley

Joseph Angell

A Pair of Silver-Gilt Comports

James Garrard

An Ornately Patterned Circular Salver

John Tapley

An Exceptionally Large Pair of Candelabra

Robert Garrard II

A Novelty Shaped Teapot

John Samuel Hunt

A Rare Dessert Centrepiece Silver

John Samuel Hunt

A Set of Four Silver-Gilt Figural Salts

Jean-Valentin Morel

An Elegant Pair of Figural Comports

Edward Barnard

A Fabulous Pair of Victorian Claret Jugs

John Samuel Hunt

A Skyphos Cup

Walter & John Barnard

A Splendid Pineapple Cup & Cover

Robert Garrard II

An Amazing Set of Five Figural Salt Cellars

Charles Frederick Hancock

A Rare Form Glass Mounted Claret Jug

Robert Hennell III

A Pair of Silver-Mounted Ascos Jugs

Charles Reily & George Storer

A Large Silver & Glass Centrepiece

John Samuel Hunt